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The path breaking system of treatment using alternative medicine, known as the 'Banerji Protocols Of Treatment' is an unique system of Homeopathy treatment. Pioneered by Dr. Prasanta Banerji  and Dr. Pratip Banerji of the Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation, Kolkata, India (PBHRF), this approach is something different from Classical Homeopathy. Using the latest technologies for diagnosing diseases, the doctors have been able to prescribe specific medicines for specific diseases.


Dr. Prasanta Banerji & Dr. Pratip Banerji

In 'The Banerji Protocols' of treatment, specific remedies are mixed together or repeated frequently for treatment of ailments. The system ensures quick relief and protection against possible reactions  of administered medicines.  Classical Homeopathy does not work in this manner.

In the recent years, the most effective application of The Banerji Protocols has been for the treatment of Cancer . Even with advancements in all the areas  of medical practices, Cancer is yet the dreaded disease,  of which an effective and guaranteed treatment is yet to be found. 'The Banerji Protocols ' plays an important role in utilising specific homeopathic medicines for the treatment of various types and stages of Cancer.

The PBHRF clinic at Kolkata is frequented by 100 – 120 cancer patients daily. The exposure to the varied nature and intensity of the disease has helped the doctors at PBHRF to study and formulate standard protocols.

Several of the cancer patients opt for no other treatment except the Banerji Protocols. Many other patients come to get relief from the side effects of conventional cancer treatment like chemotherapy.

The doctors have signed an agreement with the US-based National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicines (OCCAM), both being part of The National Institutes of Health (NIH), Bethesda, Maryland. This agreement is the first ever tie up of its kind regarding the implementation of a Practice Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluations Systems Study (POMES) for lung cancer at the PBHRF's clinic in Kolkata.