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Dr. Prasanta Banerji, along with his son Dr. Pratip Banerji, has finally co-authored a book on 'Banerji Protocols' - a different approach to Homeopathic treatment, practised and formulated by the father-son duo for over 50 years.

The book 'The Banerji Protocols: A New Method of Treatment with Homeopathy', published by Dr. Pratip Banerji, is scheduled to release in May-June 2013.

The Contents of the book are as follows:

  • History of the Banerji Protocols
  • Advantages of Banerji Protocols: Speed and Efficacy
  • Treatment of Cancer with Banerji Protocols
  • Treatment of Many Other Diseases with Banerji Protocols
  • Extensively Documented Case Studies
  • Useful Alphabetical Listing of Diseases
  • First, Second and Third Line Protocols Provided
  • Protocols for Symptomatic Relief

The doctors believe this book will be helpful for Homeopathy as well as Allopathy practitioners.

"This book will benefit the readers by making them aware of the Banerji Protocols (BP), with which we use Homeopathic medicines in a way totally different than the Classical Homeopaths. This book will have specific BP for a number of diseases including some cancers. This book will make the practise of Homeopathy simple and easy to learn. The aim of this book is the dissemination of the BP, with a long term aim to give relief to the masses of patients who will also benefit from doctors who become interested to learn and practise this way. "

Apart from English, the book will be available in Japanese, Spanish, French and German languages too.