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Patient Information

Mr. S D, male, aged 75 years was suffering for 2 months with difficulty in swallowing food, heartburn and belching, when he came to us for his treatment on 16th of December 1996.
Clinically the patient presented with dysphagia, heartburn and belching.

oesophagus cancer
Barium swallow X-ray reports

Endoscopy done on 29th of November 1996 showed "…GE junction at 40cm. At 18 cm. is a growth extending upto 22cm. causing luminal narrowing".

Biopsy dated 6th of December 1996, "…section shows moderately differentiated Squamous Cell Carcinoma".

After undergoing treatment from us with the medicine Condurango 30c 2 drops twice daily, the patients symptoms are gone within 2 months.

Now the patient is feeling much better. He is keeping good health and does not complain of dysphagia any more

Post treatment barium swallow X-ray of oesophagus dated 12th of July 1997 showed-"… there is considerable improvement in the patency of the oesophagus".