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Patient Information

Mrs. CK, 75 years old, was suffering for 3 months when she visited the clinic on 7 September 1995.

She had a past history of Gastrostomy done on 21.08.1995 for feeding and her chief complaints were difficulty in eating and return of food and drink in attempting to swallow.

The initial observations were severe dysphagia. Food pipe fitted gastrostomy was in-situ. Barium Swallow of oesophagus done on 19.08.1995 (patient was too sick to stand and swallow Barium at the time of X–ray) showed "gross filling defect at mid and lower 1/3rd of oesophagus with complete obstruction at lower 1/3rd – Malignant Neoplasm."

oesophagus cancer
X-Ray Barium Swallow dated 19.08.1995

Biopsy done on 28.08.1995 showed, "…features suggestive of Squamous Cell Carcinoma." The TNM classification of tumour was T (About 7-8 cm long) N0M0 Stage III.>

Picture of Histopathology dated 28.08.1995

The post treatment observation after repeat Barium Swallow of oesophagus dated 12.10.1995 was "…shows contrast media is passing freely through oesophagus..." Patient is keeping all right and leading normal life. Gastrostomy tube taken out after 12.10.1995. She had no complications during treatment.

oesophagus cancer
X-Ray Barium Swallow dated 12.10.1995

It is concluded that the patient had carcinoma oesophagus, her subsequent plates showed a complete remission of her growth.