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LF, female, aged 75 years was suffering for 3 months with mild difficulty in swallowing food, when she came to us for his treatment on 13th of February 2013.

Barium swallow X-ray dated 21st of December 2012, showed '... Irregular filling defect at C2 and C3 vertebral level...'.

Endoscopic Biopsy dated 4th of January 2013, showed '…moderately differentiated infiltrating Squamous Cell Carcinoma…'.

After undergoing treatment from us with the medicine symptoms are gone within 2 months. Patient still taking our medicines.

Post treatment barium swallow X-ray of oesophagus dated 25th of November 2015 showed '…oesophagus is normal. In comparison with the previous study dated 21st December 2012, no significant filling defect is seen at present in C2 – C3 level… '.