KB, female, aged 40 years came to our clinic on 24th of May 2004 presented with severe headache with vomiting, vertigo, nausea. She has no vision in both eyes.

C.T. Scan of Brain dated 16th of May 2004 – showed '… a peripherally enhancing SOL (4 cm X 3 cm X 2 cm) in the sella extending to the supraseller cistern--- Pituitary adenoma… '.
After 4 to 5 months of our medication, clinically, the patient started feeling much better also the vision has improved.

Followup C.T. Scan of Brain dated 23rd of November 2004 - '… As compared to the previous scan done on 16th of May 2004, the sella SOL has considerably diminished in size…'

We advised to continue our medicines and reduced the doses,

Again Followup C.T. Scan of Brain dated 10th of February 2014 - '… there are no SOL in sella at present…'

She is now healthy and normal enjoying life.