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PP, female, aged 20 years came to our clinic on 9th of July 2012 presented with severe headache, vertigo and numbness of right side of body.

C.T. Scan of Brain dated 29th of June 2012 – showed '… a ring enhancing cystic lesion with a tiny, eccebtric, enhancing mural nodule is noted in left parieto-occipital region with surrounding white matter oedema…--- colloidal vesicular stage of Neurocysticercosis… '.

After 3 to 4 months of our medication, clinically, the patient started feeling much better and all symptoms have gone within 5-6 months.

Follow up C.T. Scan of Brain dated 25th of April 2014 - '… no obvious abnormality in visualized brain and skull…'

The patient is now living normal life without our any medication.