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Patient Information

  • Name: Mr. B.M.D
  • Age: 70 years
  • Sex: Male
  • Duration of illness: One month
  • Date of first visit: 04.01.1999
  • Chief complaints: Recurrent haemoptysis, cough, mild chest pain and breathing trouble.
  • Past history if any: Admitted in Nursing Home for severe haemoptysis in December 1998.

Initial observations: Chest X-ray dated on 18.12.1998 shows “…An inhomogeneous alveolar opacity is seen in the right upper lobe with features of fibrosis, which is creating a mediastinal shift to the right and there is presence of cystic opacities at the left base also.
Compensatory emphysema is seen in left lung.
Mild baso-lameller effusion at the left side...”
C.T. Scan of Thorax dated on 19.12.1998 Shows “…-Collapse consolidation posterior segment of right upper lobe.
-Secondary bronchiectatic changes right posterior segment of upper lobe.
-Emphysematous bullous changes both upper lobes.
-Broncho alveolar congestion lateral and posterior basal segment of left lower lobe…”

Bronchial Brushing Cytology Report dated on 26.12.1998 “…Report:- Smears are highly cellular & show clumps of sheets of pleomorphic cells with nuclear hyperchromatism prominent nucleoli & altered N/C ratio.
Suggestive of squamous cell carcinoma...”

BAL fluid for cytology report dated on 26.12.1998: - “…The smears are cellular and contain malignant epithelial cells with marked nuclear pleomorphism, clamped coarse nuclear chromatin, prominent nucleoli & altered nuclear cytoplasmic ratio.
Remarks: - Squamous cell carcinoma...”

TNM classification of tumour: Stage II

Post treatment observations:
Repeat Chest X-ray dated on 09.03.1999 “…Scarry lesion is seen in right upper zone. Shifting of trachea is seen on right side. Contracture of right hemithorax emphysematous chest right side….”

Repeat Chest X-ray dated on 29.09.1999 “…radiograph shows that there has been definite improvement in the right upper lobe caseating lesion since his previous X-ray which was taken on 09.09.1999. The right upper lobe remains collapsed. Heart and trachea are displaced to the right due to lobar shrinkage…”

Repeat Chest X-ray dated on 12.01.2000 shows “…since his previous X-ray which was taken on 29.09.1999 there has been no great change in the overall appearances of the right upper lobe lesion. The affected lobe remains collapsed and there is no evidence of any active neoplasm at present. There is nothing to suspect tumour recurrence or spread of lesion in last 4 months…”

Repeat Chest X-ray dated on 02.11.2000 shows “…only scarring is noted in the right upper lobe. The affected lobe is considerably shrunken. Trachea and mediastinum are shifted to the right. Left lung field is emphysematous, but there is no parenchymal lesion in this lung. Radiologically healed neoplasm in the right upper lobe. Appearances remain satisfactory for last 10 months...”

Repeat Chest X-ray dated on 27.06.2001 shows “…Old case of Rt. upper lobe bronchial neoplasm – for assessment.
There has been further improvement in the Rt. upper lobe residual lesion since his previous X-ray dated 02.11.2000. Only scarring is now visible in affected lobe. Trachea and mediastinum are displaced to the Rt., as previously mentioned. Lt. Lung remains clear.
Opinion: Further improvement in the Rt. upper lobe bronchial neoplasm in last 8 months...”

Complication during treatment if any: Nil

Summary: This 70 year old gentleman came to our clinic with complains of recurrent haemoptysis, cough, mild chest pain and breathing trouble. One month before start our homeopathic treatment he had been admitted in a city nursing home for severe haemoptysis and treated conservatively.

Chest X-ray and CT scan showed neoplastic lesion in right upper lobe, biopsy of which revealed squamous cell carcinoma.

After taking our treatment from 04.01.1999, he is feeling better from day to day.

Repeat chest X-ray was done on several occasions and lastly on 27.06.2001, the radiological plate of which shows there is no parenchymal lung lesion.

Presently patient has no trouble and is enjoying a normal life.

Visit dates: 04.01.1999; 29.01.1999; 03.03.1999; 12.03.1999; 21.04.1999; 20.05.1999; 29.06.1999; 30.07.1999; 31.08.1999; 29.09.1999; 05.10.1999; 02.11.1999; 03.01.2000; 13.01.2000; 27.06.2001.

Homeopathic Medicines used :
1. Kali Carbonicum 200c liquid. One dose = 2 drops in water. One dose three times a week.
2. Thuja occidentalis 30c in pill number 40. Two doses daily.
3. Lycopodium Clavatum 30c liquid. One dose = 2 drops in water. Two doses daily.
4. Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X - 1 grain tablets. Given whenever required for haemoptysis.

Modifications in treatment regimen: None