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PB aged about 13 yrs as on April 2007. He was brought to us on 10th of April 2007, and presented with headache on & off on left side, occasional nausea, gradual dimness of vision in both eyes, cervical pain for last 2 months.

As per his initial observations, MRI of Brain done on 27th March 2007 showed, '…Hypodense nodular enhancing lesion with perifocal oedema in right parietal parafalcine region. - ? Neoplastic lesion (Glioma ) ? Granulomatus lesion (Tuberculoma) …'

Stereotactic biopsy done on 4th of April 2007, '…Neoplastic Lesion – Glioma'.

After undergoing treatment from us with the medicines Ruta 6c, two doses a day, Calcarea Phosphorica 3X, two doses a day & Lycopodium Clavat 30c, two doses daily for edema all his clinical symptoms recovered within 4-5 months.

CT scan of Brain (plain and IV contrast) done on 2nd November 2007 shows, '…CECT Scan of brain is within normal limits. …'

Then we reduced the doses and stop the medicines after 6 months.

Now patient is leading a trouble free, normal life without any medication.