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In recent times extensive research has been made to prove that homeopathy can give relief, as well as cure, even fatal diseases like cancers, tumors, renal failures and such. The action of Homeopathic medicines can now be proved. The treatments of many surgical cases are within the scope of homeopathic treatment and medication alone. With the help of scans, before and after treatment, we are able to prove that Homeopathy reduces the tumors and cures. With the help of pathological tests we can now confidently treat and record the management of cures of cases such as chronic renal failures. We stress on these specific diseases since they are now cause of sufficient panic in the world.

Leaving aside serious cases, general cases such as gastric ailments, respiratory problems, thyroid disorders, arthritic conditions etc. are also conveniently curable by homeopathic medicines. Homeopathy is also completely safe to apply on infants, children and ladies in pregnancy, due to the nontoxic ultradilute nature of the medicines.

Multinational companies are realizing the potential in manufacturing homeopathic medicines and are entering the market. Word of the efficacy of this young school of treatment is spreading. More and more of the general public are turning to homeopaths for their treatment. Educational institutions teaching homeopathy in India and the rest of the world are showing a boom in recent years. Homeopathy is evolving to be quite different from what it has been in the past. This is progress.